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Making a FAQ’s List Work For You

Jul 31st, 2009 by admin | Comments Off

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far way, someone got tired of answering the same questions over and over again. So they created a list of these questions and answers and passed them out to anyone who bought their product. Thus the FAQ (pronounced fax) was born.

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question(s).

Here is an example of a single FAQ.

Q: “Why does the bottle drip from the top when I shake it?”
A: “The top is not securely fastened. The top should be unscrewed and then removed. Remove any debris from the threading. Screw the top back on, making sure the threads are aligned properly and the top and bottom fit snuggly once re-attached.”

FAQ lists are the number one weapon used for customer questions. FAQ can be on printed paper or in electronic form. The top portion of the FAQ is the list of questions. Each question is on its own line. If it’s electronic form, by clicking the question, you go to the answer. Using paper or even electronic document form, the question is followed by a page location or the question has a number and the user then looks at the list of complete questions and answers, at the bottom of the question list, for the right number.

FAQ length is ultimately dependent on the quality of the FAQ. If five FAQ’s are enough to satisfy most common questions, then five is enough. If your product can be used 87 different ways or has 50 different areas of functionality, then a significantly longer FAQ is acceptable.

There is also a method to creating a successful FAQ’s list. When you understand this method, your FAQ’s will answer more customer questions. Also understanding this method, you’ll be able to quickly create an effect FAQ’s list.